Ruidoso, New Mexico - 1974

After the Jesters split up I had a brief solo recording career and then jumping into the 70's, I began touring with other groups. Traveling around Louisiana, Georgia and Florida with bands, I saw and experienced many things that have been blurred by booze and pot. As a rock and roller you are surrounded by all the vises.

I got into Karate as Bruce Lee had emerged and I decided to open my own Karate school in Roswell. It was called the Shotokan School of Karate. A girl had accompanied me to Roswell from Florida, her name was Karen, and she and I had a MAJOR sighting coming out of Ruidoso, New Mexico in 1974. It was in the morning in the summer (can't recall the month), we were driving in a Volkswagen Van and my 11 year old cousin was with us. (Richard Fuentes). This event had been scraped clean "out of my memory banks" until Richard reminded me of the event in 1994 when I saw him for the first time in over sixteen years at that time. When Richard began telling me what we saw, it all came back in a flow of memories that struck me like a freight train. WHAM! all of a sudden I remembered the event.

Here is what happened:

We had been in Alamogordo the night before visiting my little older sister Rose and Michael her husband. As were drove through Ruidoso that morning, the traffic was very sparse. In fact there was hardly any cars on the road heading toward Roswell. Coming out of Ruidoso there is a large curve in the road that leads up to the flat level plains areas. Many people that have traveled there know exactly which location this is and the road.

That morning before hitting the curve that would take up up onto the plains areas. We saw a large metallic triangle ship come into view directly ahead of us and it stopped and hovered just off the side of the road over a gully. We pulled over (it was broad daylight in the morning - no clouds in the skies), and I remember telling Richard to snap photos of this thing. For some reason the camera didn't work. So we just sat there and watched thing thing as it slowly turned and flew away over the hills.

I still don't remember too much more than that BUT we did drive into Roswell and told everyone about the sighting at the Karate school. People kind of shrugged it off, and soon it was forgotten and not ever spoken of again. It was completely wiped out of my thoughts until Richard reminded me in 1994 when he visited us at the location where we were videotaping UFOs.

Clovis Highway – Between Roswell and Portales, New Mexico

Another event that happened was to me and Karen as we were driving toward Delhart, Texas to visit friends and family. This event has never been forgotten. I remember it today as if it happened yesterday.

This night we were driving a car and had hit the Clovis highway. For those that have traveled this road, it is a "straight" shot. No curves, just flat plains and open country side along both sides of the highway. As we drove that night about 6 or 7 PM a RED sphere crossed the highway about 500 feet above the road. The object was about a mile away from our car in the sky. It traveled swiftly across the highway and stopped over the open fields to our left. So I pulled over!

Karen was a bit uneasy, but I assured her it was all okay. So we sat there and watched this Red Sphere hovering over this field about two miles away from us. We were heading west, so the object was south of us. Then two other objects come in from the south and from far away! They looked like round dots at first, then they "zoomed in" and were suddenly there right next to the Rod Sphere.

These two objects were white/blue lights. Then they began dropping toward the ground at right and left angles very swiftly, then rising back up to where they were all hovering together. The Rod Sphere just hovered and began pulsating. I don't know what possessed me, but I started the car (yes it started), and backed it up to where were facing them and I then began flashing the head lights at them. Karen began screaming to stop and she was very scared.

I kept flashing the lights on and off...then hitting the high beams.

The Red Sphere suddenly became larger. I don't know if it's glow got bigger or if that sucker was coming right at us! The two other spheres stopped dipping downward and just hovered and began pulsating on and off rapidly. I glanced in the rear view mirror as I was flashing the light and "thought I saw" something...or someone. I get this chill along my spine and I hit the road flooring it. The Red sphere took off along the road in the same direction we're going and vanishes at the horizon level. I slowed down to about 80 mph and noticed no more white spheres in the sky. Karen was white like a sheet. Almost in shock. I saw a Highway Patrolman at the Portales, NM, turn off and told him what we saw. He just nodded and asked where we were going. So we went onward toward Texas. Stopped in Clovis for dinner and continued driving onward to Dalhart.

On our way back from Dalhart three days later, we stopped off at this restaurant for lunch. On the newspaper headlines was a report of a UFO that was photographed from a radio tower by a local photographer. The UFO had been captured three days earlier! The same night Karen and I had our sighting. I looked in the newspapers for a few days after that to see if that patrolman had reported our sighting and there was never any mention in the newspapers, so I imagine, that patrolman thought we were whacked out and didn't believe us.

Many years later this even has been vivid in my thoughts and experiences. That thing I saw in the rear view mirror looked like a reptile / humanoid. I know it sounds screwy, BUT I know what I saw!

I have never released this information and this occurrence (except to very close friends - for obvious reasons) until now. Whatever these things were doing in that open field is beyond me, one thing is for certain. They were there and the red one was photographed that night over Clovis, New Mexico!