Midway, New Mexico - March 5,1974

After the Northridge earthquake occurred, I decided to go home and visit with my mom and my younger sister Becky to take a few months off before coming back and getting back to work on two films I had lined up to do the music scores and to edit. It was now March 5th and I was in Roswell staying at my sister's house. I was working on a promo idea I had created for the UFO Enigma museum located near the entrance of the former Walker Air Force Base entrance. The promo had a UFO flying through downtown Roswell and crashing into the top side of the building where the UFO Enigma Museum was located. John Price was the owner of the museum at that time.

I get a call at about 1:30 pm, it's my sister Becky excitedly telling me to bring the video camera, that there were UFOS flying over Midway. I kind of just shrugged it off as a joke, or that my mom wanted to coerce me from leaving the editing, so I could come out and eat at the farm at Midway. So I just kept on working on the eidting of the promo. Then I get another call from my brother Manuel this time, and he's telling me it's no joke, that there are in fact "objects" flying around out there.

So I packed up the camera and drove out to Midway. I took the old airbase highway, which passes right by the entrance of the former airbase and the UFO Enigma museum location. I turned left onto the access road that goes along the former base and the runways, and as I took my time getting there, I thought to myself..."okay...if you guys are really out me a sign..." Suddenly what I felt was a dust devil side swiped the truck I was driving and it was a blast of air, that caused the truck to rock a bit. So I gunned it at that time and got onto the highway (285) that leads to Midway And the turn off to Artesia. I was onlt two miles away from our location.

As I turned onto the old Dexter highway, I had a feeling I might see these huge "Billy Meir - Beam Ship" types of ships hovering right over Midway, with odd looking objects zipping about over our property, and almost detecting a John Williams music score to play out. Instead, I come onto the property and see nothing like this. I just see my sister Becky and a couple of other people looking up into the sky.

I got out of the truck with the RCA VHS Camcorder in tow, and tried to find what Becky was all excited about. I asked where the UFOs were. She and two other people pointed strsight up at twelve o'clock high.

I looked up and saw this thing way up there. It was a translucent light blue and I immediately said, "Becky, it's a weather balloon." She said NO! and then I saw this thing move from left to right to another position VERY fast. It's at this point that I turned the camcorder on and said..."Nope That's no F#*@ing balloon." So I began looking for it in the viewfinder. ZOOMING in and out trying to catch it. Then I finally caught glimpse of it in the view finder and began recording. It was a dome shaped object that just hovered there at about 3000 feet in the air. All I could do was zoom in and zoom out as it would only hover there. Some jets flew in and this thing "blipped" out of view. The jets passed onward and it "blipped" back on. This was only one portion of the objects that appeared that day. My sister, my brother, a couple of other witnesses and my nephew all saw other objects flying about, but I kept videotaping the only one that was large enough for me to tape and see in the view finder. PLUS to add to this, this object was staright up at a twelve noon position, so my neck was aching from the strain of keeping the object in view of the camera and because I didn't have a tripod in those days.

I did witness with the naked eye other objects high in the sky. I saw a large white cigar shaped vehicle (as I would call it) complete with portholes along the side and it was flying in and out of sight. Coming in straight down from out of nowhere, then curving for an instant, (enough to see the side with portholes), then going back straight up into nowhere. It must have been at least 20 or 30,000 feet in the air. BUT judging from the length it was with the naked eye, it must have been a hundred or more feet in length. I saw this one, then a dark brown one, then a white one, but everytime I tried taping them, but they were just too fast to catch them in the view finder of the camera. On the original video you can hear me say that I never thought I would ever see a UFO or UFOs in broad daylight and much less videotape them. I drove back to Roswell to review the video footage. Becky and Manuel told me the UFOs were there all day long and that numerous objects flew in lower than the one hovering.

I got to the edit bay in Roswell and began looking at the sixteen minutes of video I taped. What was about to unfold would forever change my life and how I wish I could turn back the hands of time, so that I would have been better prepared for what occurred that day. Thos were my thoughts as I began looking at the footage. At that time I had no idea of what was to come from this tape and from the many hours I would soon spend reviewing that original sixteen minutes of tape. I thought only the dome shaped object was going to be on that tape. Instead I found over sixty objects, some that resembled many of the UFOs that had been reported throughout the history of UFO reports. Tringle objects, diamond shaped objects, spheres and many other shapes and sizes traveling at times within "the fields" of video frames (1/60th of a second). This day set forth the beginning of hundreds of tapings we would do the rest of the year at Midway and for years to come.

Midway, New Mexico - March 19, 1994