1966 – Carlsbad, New Mexico

By now I  had joined a rock and roll band called the Jesters. We were very popular and touring all over the place. We had just performed in Loving, New Mexico (where I was born) at the prom for the class of 1966. It was April toward the last part of the month. It was about three in the morning and we were coming out of Carlsbad, N.M.

Just outside of Carlsbad is a dip in the road which is about a mile down from the landscape. I guess this was an ancient river bed millions of years ago. The road dips down, levels out for about a mile or two, then you go back up and hit the level plains area, continuing south towards Artesia and Roswell.

This particular night it was calm clear with only starlight. The moon was not out that night. When I can research it further, I will look for the moon cycles and the month we played the prom in order to narrow down the correct date. What the band and I were about to witness this morning was to begin a series of other events and sightings that continue, at least for me, into the present.

The witnesses of this UFO that night were, myself, my bass player (Satty), our drummer (Walter) and his dad (Juan). there were probably two to four more witnesses from traffic that had also stopped to see this thing.

We ALL witnessed a huge UFO that flew right over us and our cars. We had seen this thing in the sky that looked like a parachute and what appeared to be a small airplane coming down toward the road. The object seemed to go downward at an angle until it nearly hit the dry river bed about two miles to the right of the highway. (from our vantage point we were heading south, so it went toward our "right").

We pulled over at the bottom of the road around the middle of the river bed area and looked at this thing as it approached. On the other side of the road a semi-truck and another car stopped to see this.  The object was about forty feet in diameter, metallic with flashing red, green and blue lights around its perimeter. I remember it being so low to the ground that we all felt by climbing on top of the roof of our cars, and jumping up, that we could have touched it! So it was maybe thirty five to fifty feet off the ground. It's hard to tell because we really didn't pay attention to details because were so so awestruck. It was like seeing it in slow motion. I still vividly remember it today. What I can't recall is whether or not it had any features like a dome on the top. It was HUGE!

It made no noise and as it went over a hill we held our hands to our ears anticipating a crash and explosion! Nothing happened and it must have landed in that area as we never saw it come up. HOWEVER, the next thing I remember is we are ten miles away and Satty and I are laughing and we keep looking back. The memories of us ever getting back into our cars and driving off "are not" or at least "have not" registered in my thoughts. I have no recall of what might have occurred after it landed. We seem to have lost some time maybe an hour or two, we don't remember what occurred during this missing time or what time it was after the event.

I do remember waking up the next day "very groggy" and we really didn't talk too much about the thing and soon it was a forgotten event.


After my UFO and RODS encounters had been in full swing and while living in Roswell in 1994, I began having vivid "lucid" dreams where I am standing, or leaning, against a doorway and I see my drummer and bass player, pushing a geurney that has Juan (our drummer's dad), on it. I remember "thinking out loud" literrally, "Yeah...go need to take him in there quickly."

When I say thinking out loud, I have the feeling that I am communicating with my thoughts, but that I am being heard loud and clear. The next thing I recall in these dreams is that I am walking down a corridor. The flooring is made of corrugated or grated metal and I can "feel" there are some entities or persons walking alongside me, but slightly behind me out of view. As I am walking along with corridor/hallway, there are concubines on both sides and each seem to have creatures in them. One that I can clearly remember looks like a giant worm. It has a head on it like an ant's head and it has horns on it that droop down like a longhorn's horns. It has a neck that's pretty long and as I pass by it, I hear myself say, "Oh yeah, I remember's good you got one and keep it there."

So this is a dream that keeps re-occuring since 1994. I anticipate that eventually I will recall what might have happened along the side of the road that morning.

1966 – Roswell, New Mexico

As the Jesters (the Band) we used to be able to do many things in Roswell that others couldn't. One such thing was hanging out at the ZUNI Motel swimming pool, which in the the late 1960's was a happening place. In those days across the street was a drive in and teens used to hang out ALL the time at the pool. So naturally, The Jesters, were always there swimming or sun bathing...checking out the babes. On one particular Saturday around noon, Walter (our drummer) and I were reclining in our pool chairs. I was lying down looking into the skies, while Walter was applying suntan lotion to one of his many "girlfriends."

I saw some flying discs high in the sky in the clouds. They were silver and had a black rim around the perimeter of the sides of the disk. I remember telling Walter to look at them and he did for an instance. His girlfriend looked up and I specifically remember her saying "Oh My GOD! What are those?"

Walter looked at them and we could could see them darting in and out of the clouds high in the skies, maybe about 10,000 feet up. They were doing flying maneuvers that were really cool! Flip flopping on much like when you toss a quarter and it flip flops. These things were flying in wild looking maneuvers. The sky was not overcast, it had sparsly scattered clouds, with large breaks where you could see clear blue sky and these disks.

We looked at these things for about five or ten minutes, until it got boring and we got back into our groove. being a rock band and checking out the girls at the ZUNI Motel. This memory is clearly recalled.

1967 - Denver, Colorado

While touring the state we saw many things in the skies. One particular trip was on our way to play the PUSSYCAT CLUB in Denver, Colorado. As we were just coming out of Durango, Colorado, we kept seeing this huge object behind the late afternoon clouds. We had pulled over at the side of the road to relieve ourselves. This time, we had two new band members with us. Phil Allison and Wayne Rose. We stood there when Satty says, "Look at that!"

What we thought was a "Red-Orange" moon turns out to be this huge flying object coming toward us swiftly through the clouds. It was HUGE! Very LARGE! We piled into the truck and our cars and took off at high speed on the highway. Strange thing is that there was hardly any traffic on the road. This thing paced us for about five miles, then it vanished. "Blip" just like that!

As with all of our encounters before and after. This one was the subject of conversation for a while, then soon forgotten.